Kids Jiu Jitsu

Class Structure
  • RESPECT: Line Up against the walL in rank order & bow in
  • FITNESS: Warm Up with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Exercises
  • DISCIPLINE: Technique(s) of the day will be shown and the class will practice the moves
  • CONFIDENCE: Positional Training/Sparring
  • INTEGRITY: End of Class Message
What To Bring:
  • Athletic Apparel (Dark)
  • Plenty of Water
  • Sandals/Flip Flops

At Gracie Barra Costa Mesa we teach the importance of building self esteem, discipline, and respect for each other. Our anti-bullying philosophy teaches kids how to correctly diffuse a situation safely and, if worse comes to worse, how to properly defend themselves from a multitude of positions. Our staff emphasizes the retention of these techniques through repetition of movements, and ultimately they test their own skills during sparring sessions. When your child feels they have learned the tools Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches to defend themselves they become more confident and can grow as individuals.

You have the option to book any of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids classes below or you can show up ~15 minutes early to class. We will show you around the Costa Mesa academy, have them try on a loner uniform, and then get them on the Jiu Jitsu mat!

Facts about Kids Jiu Jitsu -

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